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Rustic Style Lighting Fixtures

All our Rustic Lighting is Handmade in the USA

Brass Light Gallery - Made In USA
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Rustic Durham One Light Sconce with Electric Candle Rustic Carriage™ Lantern 7" Wide Flush Wall Mount
Price $305.00
Price $445.00
Durham Rustic One Light Sconce with Electric Candle Rustic Carriage Lantern Straight Arm Wall Mount, Shown in Aged Verdigris Patina Finish with Clear Seeded Glass
CN-185-K1-AR-E297 EX-5107-A15-WP-AR-CS
Rustic Windowpane Pendant Light for 9 foot ceiling Rustic Durham One Light Sconce with Iron finish
Price $485.00
Price $315.00
Rustic Windowpane Stem Mount Pendant, 8" Wide, Shown in Verdigris Patina finish with Cream glass Rustic Durham Wall Sconce light fixture
PA-3408-A19-AR-GW CN-185-D8-AI-A354
Rustic Large University Twelve Light Chandelier with Candles Rustic Brookfield Chandelier with Candles
Price $6,100.00
Price $3,640.00
Shown in Aged Verdigris Patina with E281 Shades Rustic Brookfield Chandelier in Antique Copper with E280 Shades
GR-455-Rustic GR-446-Rustic
Rustic Mission 15" Wide Wall Sconce Rustic Mission 15" Wide Pendant Light
Price $490.00
Price $705.00
Mission 15" Wide Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture Rustic Lighting: 15" Wide Pendant Light
PA-8815-A10-TR-AR-GW PA-8815-A19-TR-AR-GW
Rustic Durham Ceiling Pendant with Material Shade Rustic Broadway™ Candle Sconce
Price $420.00
Price $260.00
Durham Rustic Pendant Light with o-ring shade Rustic Broadway Candle Wall Sconce Interior Light Fixture
CN-475-K8-03M-AR CN-100-B7-VG-E280
Rustic Wentworth™ Candle Sconce Rustic Pine Ridge Pendant
Price $335.00
Price $670.00
Rustic Wentworth Candle Wall Sconce Light Rustic Pine Ridge Pendant
GR-104-B7-VG-E297 P11275
Rustic Sutter™ Five-Arm Chandelier Rustic Sutter™ Three-Arm Chandelier
Price $3,285.00
Price $1,895.00
Rustic Sutter Chandelier with choice of 5 figure options Rustic Sutter&#153 Three-Arm Chandelier
PA-464-E7-AR-NS-E280 PA-463-E6-Rustic
Rustic Eagle Lodge™ Three-Light Chandelier Scenic Rustic Chandelier
Price $3,940.00
Price $6,340.00
Rustic Eagle Lodge Three Light Chandelier w/MIAD overlay, Gold White glass & VG finish Scenic Rustic Chandelier with Architectural Bronze finish and Crimson glass
PA-461-8815-03M-VG-GW P11276
Rustic European Country™ Lantern 10" Wide Column Mount Rustic Glacier Park™ Chandelier with Stamford Lanterns
Price $840.00
Price $4,970.00
Rustic European Country Lantern Column Mount Exterior Light Two Tier Rustic Glacier Park Chandelier with Stamford Lanterns
EX-5010-A23-VG-GW PA-437-6407-11M-VG-WO
Rustic Dakota™ Chandelier with Stamford Lanterns Rustic Hillside™ Ceiling Fixture
Price $2,700.00
Price $380.00
Rustic Dakota Chandelier Lighting Fixture with Stamford Lanterns Small Rustic Hillside Ceiling Light Fixture, 9.5" Square
PA-436-6407-03M-AR-DA PA-2210-A17-AR-NS