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3rd Coast - 2nd House - 1st Class

Shingle Style Entr Introduction.This freshly completed new home construction project "was a designer's dream, because the client had very sophisticated sensibilities." says Chicago Interior Designer Lauryn Pappas. On the eastern coast of Lake Michigan, this home is a mix of Turn-of-the-Century Shingle Style with Mid-Century Modern. Lauryn led a design team which through collaboration, clear vision, beautiful details and repeated elements, fulfilled the clients vision of an airy, cool yet warm, weekend home with plenty of outdoor living space.

Eyebrow Window Process.The design process for this beachy home with a Hampton's flavor was unusual because it was designed "inside-out." First the interior spaces were designed around the flow of family life which gave the home great circulation. This was an "intuitive way to work but it made the exterior more difficult to design. Architect Scott Renken rose to the challenge," says Lauryn, "he created a low key, inviting, smart looking home." Beautifully sited on the shore of Lake Michigan, the stone and cedar shake home with eyebrow windows is in harmony with its surroundings.

Living Room with Alabaster Lighting
Tuscany™ Alabaster Pendants with custom details. Call for info.
Vision. Lauryn's vision was to emulate a Turn-of-the Century home built on the cliffs in Maine but with a light, airy interior. Lauryn used wainscoting throughout and traditional materials such as walnut floors and doors, with Mid-Century flavored furniture and a contemporary open layout. The Oriental influences common to both Turn-of-the-Century and Mid-Century design are evident; clean, simple linear and appealing.

Lauryn combined traditional materials with modern sensibilities when designing custom hand-knotted Tibetan Rugs, case goods, tables and other furniture for the home. Lauryn's philosophy is that all parts have to be perfect to achieve a beautiful whole. "That's why your [Brass Light Gallery's] lights are so fabulous." asserts Lauryn, "they are obviously of exceptional value, but in the finest way. Each light fixture is a piece of art, while remaining tasteful and timeless."

Variations on a Theme. "The house is big so we needed to achieve a cohesiveness." recalled Lauryn. "We repeated elements throughout the house, with tweaks to prevent monotony." The color palette, drawn from the local landscape, (sage greens, soft grays, teal blues, creams and cocoas) is repeated playfully throughout.

"Brass Light Gallery's families of fixtures proved invaluable for integrating the whole." For continuity, Polished Nickel finishes were specified for most of the interior. To mix it up, unique design families were chosen for specific spaces. And, within those spaces variations on the theme went further.
Argine Candle Sconce
Argine™ Wall Sconce

Argine Double Candle
Argine™ Two Light Wall Sconce
Lancaster Lantern with Verdigris Finish
Lancaster™ Lantern
"We picked a style for a room and kept it moving through..." recalled Lauryn. For example, in the master suite, the Argine™ family was chosen. Single candle sconces, double candle sconces, petite flush ceiling lights, pendants and a custom bell jar with Argine™ ceiling canopy, all variations within the Argine™ Family, were specified. For areas in and around the main kitchen the Morris™ Family of light fixtures including; single and double pendants, candle sconces and sconce with glass shades provide a through line. Consistent use of Aged Verdigris patina finish for exterior lighting extends the exterior's unity.

Outdoor Kitchen
Background: Durham™ Pendant Light, Customized for Wall Mounting and foreground: Lancaster™ Lantern
Lighting Challenge. The client desired outdoor living during the summer. Thus expansive porches house multiple living spaces and an outdoor kitchen.
Kitchen Lighting
Morris™ Pendant Lights and Villa™ Bell Jar Ceiling Light Fixture
While these outdoor spaces are lovely, it created issues with lighting the interior of the home. A massive porch cut the light to the interior kitchen, a challenge presented to Steve Kaniewski, Brass Light Gallery's Founder. "We didn't want a sea of cans," recalled Lauryn, "so Steve placed pendants around the periphery in addition to bell jars over the island. Steve's a genius when it comes to lighting."

Library Lighting
Hand Crafted Bell Jar Ceiling Light
Lighting Creates Comfort. A comfortable home should be properly lit. "Lighting is really important, to create a relaxing environment." Says Lauryn, "When my client needs high functioning task lighting she’s got it and when she wants to chill she can."

Lauryn Pappas Interior Design
Renken + Associates
Nature's Way Landscaping
Regina Homes, Inc, New Buffalo MI, (269) 325-9979

Library Lighting
Palladian™ Alabaster Pendant Lighting
Ballantrae Sconce Close
Ballantrae™ Wall Sconce

Window Seat Lighting
Cozy Window Seat lit by Ballantrae™ Light Fixtures in Polished Nickel

Bathroom Lighting with Sunflower™ Sconces
Sunflower™ Wall Sconce

Master Bath Lighting
Foreground, Villa™ Bell Jar Pendant Light

Hallway Lighting
Morris™ Light Fixtures
Morris™ Wall Sconce

Bathroom with Goldenrod™ Lighting
Oak Park™ Two Light Straight Wall Sconce and background, Oak Park™ Two Light Pendant , both customized with flat mount plate.
Ballantrae Vanity Lighting
Ballantrae™ Wall Sconce
Lakeside View
Outdoor Living
Lancaster™ Lantern